Sponsors & Supporters

I'm incredibly thankful to all those supporting me and my Olympic aspirations!


As a member of New Balance Silicon Valley, I'm generously supported by New Balance. They provide our team with TONS of gear -- training shoes, racing shoes, warmups, uniforms, sports bras, and more! Whenever we get a new shipment of New Balance gear, it's like Christmas has come early :) Many thanks to New Balance for the support (both financial and in-kind) that they provide!

In 2014 I was thrilled to joined PowerBar Team Elite! PowerBar keeps me going both through workouts and the workday. My PowerBar go-tos: Harvest Oatmeal Raisin Cookie bar for an afternoon snack and Vanilla Power Gel mid-long run.

Nuun Hydration makes electrolyte-enhanced sports drinks tablets. A cold glass of Nuun not only tastes great after a hard run (I recommend Cherry Limeade!), but it enables me replace much-needed electrolytes without added sugar or calories. As a Nuun Elite Ambassador, I get to be part of the talented team of Nuun athletes from across the country.

Fitmark creates high-quality performance sports bags. As a runner constantly on the go (run, work, gym) and traveling to races across the country, Fitmark bags are great for stashing all my gear - trainers, flats, recovery food, and a sports bra (or three!). My go-to bags are the Power Duffel for gym days and the Dashing Tote for a classy travel carry-on. See my Fitmark bio here.


Dena Evans, Coach
I've officially been coached by Dena since the fall of 2013, but she's been a part of my post-collegiate running career since 2010. Dena ran track and played soccer at Stanford before going on to coach xc and track there (where she was the 2003 NCAA Women's XC Coach of the Year). Dena heads up New Balance Silicon Valley and coaches many elites in the Bay Area. She's an integral part of my running success and I'm lucky to have her as a friend and coach.

Leo and Jennie Kormanik are the best chiro-massage duo in Northeast Ohio, and to be honest some of the best sports injury treatment I've received, anywhere! Dr. Leo's magic hands fixed a hamstring problem that had been plaguing me for over a year, and Jennie's excellent massages help me recover from hard workouts. Part of their magic? They're both talented runners (Leo is a 2012 Marathon Olympic Trials qualifier) who understand the specific needs of a fellow runner. Many thanks to these two for keeping me running healthy!

Thank you again, sponsors and supporters!