Comeback 2014

After a less than stellar year of racing in 2013, I'm eager to show everyone that in 2014, I'm back! Last fall, I spent some time soul-searching about where running fit in my every day... Do I want to keep training like an elite runner? What am I striving for? How good do I want to/can I be? I realized that I'm still hungry and that I've got plenty of unfinished running business, and that I'll probably be chasing competitive goals well into my 80s :-)

So, with some speedy track times in mind, I've recommitted myself. I battled the brutal Ohio winter, dreaming of joyful spring runs and a killer 10k at USA's in June. And after many miles run and much hard work done, the hay is in the barn, as they say... at least for now! My first big race of the year is this weekend in Jacksonville, Florida - the USA 15k Road Champs at the Gate River Run. For the first time in a while, I'm excited to race. Not scared, not nervous, but pumped up and ready to toe the line!

I'm off to Florida on Friday and the race starts on Saturday at 8:24 am EST. Check out Runnerspace for updates and results:

As always, thanks to all the supporters who have helped get me to the starting line happy and healthy: my family and Avi, Coach Dena Evans and New Balance Silicon Valley, Nuun Hydration, PowerBar, Fitmark BagsOhio Sports Chiropractic, and of course friends and readers like you! Thank you!!