November 26, 2014

Pittsburgh 10 Miler Race Recap and Expressing Gratitude

November is just FLYING by and I've suddenly found myself less than 2 weeks out from CIM and my marathon debut... how did that happen? Well, this month was busy (are any months ever low-key??). I'm excited for the next few days, to press "pause," reflect, and express gratitude.

Here's the quick run-down of recent happenings:
  • November 1 - my little brother and my dear friend got MARRIED! Yep, Brendan and Jonah finally tied the knot. It was a beautiful celebration at home in Davis and I was proud to be part of one of the fastest wedding parties in history :)
  • November 9 - Off to Pennsylvania for the Pittsburgh 10-Miler! The race was fantastic - the Pittsburgh Marathon folks are an awesome team who are passionate about the sport and supporting emerging elite runners like me. They put on a great event and I was determined to take advantage of the opportunity for a fast race. 

The race itself was magical - one of those days where you somehow feel amazing, even in the midst of marathon training. I went out controlled, ran my own race, and with 3 miles to go found myself reeling in some of the top Americans. The last 2 miles were a tactical battle; I made a hard move at Mile 9, surging into 6th place. Kara Lubienecki ended up nipping me in the final meters and I finished in 7th overall, 1 second out of 6th but as 4th American (and in the prize money!). Even though Kara caught me, I was overjoyed with my race - it was finally, FINALLY the race I knew I had in me (not to mention a 3 minute PR!). It felt so good to see all my hard work pay off, and was a great confidence boost leading up to CIM.

  • November 10-14 - From Pittsburgh I headed to Cleveland to put some time in at Movable HQ. I got to run on some of my favorite Ohio trails and survived my first snowy run of the year!

  • November 26 - Now we're just a week and a half away from CIM! The hay is in the barn, the taper is in full swing, and I'm just doing a few tune-ups as I spin the wheels and get ready to race! Tomorrow -- Thanksgiving -- I'll be giving thanks for making it through this marathon segment healthy and full of running joy. Preparing for a successful marathon takes a village, so I'm full of gratitude, appreciation, and love for all the wonderful people who've supported me on this journey. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

November 8, 2014

From apprehensive to assertive

Please excuse my lack of blogging, as I've had my nose to the grindstone training hard for CIM, working lots, and traveling. This last month saw me race a half marathon at San Jose in early October, where I finished 6th in a PR of 1:16:19, feeling comfortable and strong. Then it was back to work, with longer runs and workouts than I'd ever done, prepping for my 26.2 debut.
Thankfully, Providence has blessed me with beautiful fall weather, making this training block go pretty smoothly. Of course, there have been a few challenging days, but I can honestly say that I've enjoyed this process -- this journey -- more than any other training segment I've done! Changing it up with a new event was just what I needed; combine that with the welcoming, wonderful running community in Providence -- sisters in sport -- and I'm doing pretty good!
Another change is that instead of being intimidated by workouts, I'm excited for them - I'm eager for each long run and hard effort, approaching them ready to get after it and see what I can do! This is a shift for me - away from the at times timid runner that I've been in the past, from apprehensive to assertive, a change toward dwelling in positivity and truly running joyfully!
So riding this wave of positivity, I'm racing the Pittsburgh 10-Miler tomorrow! A tune up for CIM that's a month away, this hilly 10-miler across Pittsburgh's 3 rivers should be an excellent opportunity to practice running assertively, competitively, and of course joyfully. Tune in to Twitter tomorrow morning at 8 am for live race coverage - follow @PGH10Miler or hashtag #PGH10Miler #PGHElite for updates!
Yes, this is a personalized ketchup bottle - awesome race gift from the PGH 10 Miler team!

October 4, 2014

From 3.1 to 13.1

Last month I raced a 5k at the USA 5k Road Championships at home in Providence. It'd been a while since raced a 5k on the roads, let alone done any 5k pace work, so the race was a bit of a shock to the system! But it was a good shock - it was nice to feel the pre-race butterflies in my stomach again, the rush as you sprint off the starting line,
and the burn in your legs as you press hard during the final 0.1 of the race.
I finished in 16:44, the 20th American and 22nd woman overall. Though not a road PR, I was happy with the effort on a hot, humid day, in the midst of marathon training. I'll be back for a road PR next year! 
Post-race with former NBSV teammate Steph
Now I transition from 3.1 to 13.1 - I've got the Rock n Roll San Jose Half Marathon on tap tomorrow! There's a talented field assembled and San Jose is a flat, fast course, so it should be a great day! I haven't yet given the half an honest effort, so tomorrow I'm eager to improve on my 1:18.15 from 2012. Here's to hoping for a faster time and good preparation for 26.2!