Surviving the snow

The past few weeks have been marked by snow, sniffles, and cold(s). Seems this freezing Ohio winter is unfortunately getting the better of my immune system. But I'm surviving the snow (albeit barely) and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring! 
This was pretty and festive in December... now it's just annoying.
Last month, I didn't get to race my half marathon as I'd hoped, thanks to a nasty bout of bronchitis. But I still traveled home to Davis and ended up running the 10k instead. I coughed my way to a victory in 35:50 and got in a solid 6.2 miles at half-marathon goal pace. Escaping Cleveland's cold for a weekend was also a plus!
It's always fun to get the win at home and have family watch you race. As I plod through snowy miles and monotonous minutes on the treadmill, I've got my mind on another 10k at home... the USA Outdoor National Championships in Sacramento, CA in June. Thinking about racing the 10k on the track at USA's in front of a hometown crowd is what's keeping me going this winter!

Another thing getting me out the door in the cold is my training buddy, Nicole Camp. We've logged many a mile together in the dark after work, dodging reckless drivers and snowflakes. I can always count on Nicole for good pace and conversation, which is much needed after a long workday and commute!
10 miles in -10 degrees! Brrrr!
Nicole and I jumped in a local 5k last month to get in a workout effort - better to race against some boys than slog through yet another treadmill workout! We went 1-2 in the Chili Bowl (more like Chilly Bowl!) and had fun despite the bad weather. 
My favorite CLE runners, Kristy and Nicole

Another key to surviving the snow is planning trips to warmer places... thank goodness I have one on the calendar! In less than 2 weeks Nicole and I will be saying "See ya!" to the Cleveland snow as we head down to Florida for the USA 15k Road Championships in Jacksonville. It will be a welcome reprieve from our winter! As usual, the race director Richard Fannin has pulled together a stellar elite field (hello, Olympians!) and it will be a great chance to dive back into competitive racing. I'm excited to challenge myself and show off all the work I've been putting in this winter!

Til then, I'm dreaming of spring... and no more sniffles or snow!