26.2 Debut

Marathoning is a weird phenomenon... how did 26.2 miles catch on as a distance we aspire to complete? It's such a long way to go, so much farther than the rest of the races (5k, 10k) we normally compete in. How does one decide to move up from 10 kilometers to 42.2k? HELLO, that's a huge jump!

For this runner, the decision to tackle 26.2 came about after the 2012 Olympic Trials. I've long been told that the marathon would be my best event, but it's taken me some time to wrap my head around it. Like I said, it's FAR! That's a long time to focus, be alone with your thoughts, and combat those creeping feelings of self-doubt...

Plus, I love the track and I know it well. Each spring for 15 years, I've laced up my spikes. Tracks are the same, from Davis to San Francisco to Cleveland to Providence. With so much change in life and so many unknowns, there's a comfort in the consistency of the track. To me, the rhythm of 400s doesn't feel repetitive; rather, I gain strength from each steady lap. It's familiar territory, and therefore safe.

But it's time to venture outside my comfort zone on the track and tackle a new running challenge. After much thought and physical and mental preparation, I'm ready to take on 26.2!

I'm excited and happy to announce that I'll be making my marathon debut on December 7, at my "hometown" marathon, the California International Marathon in Sacramento!

I am thrilled to race back at home in California, on the roads where I've run many a mile, with family and friends from nearby Davis able to come watch and cheer. There's a lot of marathons to choose from, but deciding to run CIM back at home was an easy choice. I am SO excited!

We're 10 weeks away from the big day and marathon training is in full swing. I ran my farthest run ever (18 miles) this week and it's only getting longer from here! 

I'll be chasing an Olympic Trials qualifier at CIM (the Trials are coming up quick - February 13, 2016!) and can use your encouragement along the way! Follow the journey here on the blog and on Twitter (@runnerKG)! Thanks as always for your support!