Sisters in Sport Update and Club XC in Kentucky

As I shared in some previous posts, I have some big changes ahead (I'm moving to Ohio!) and so with limited time left in San Francisco, I set a goal to enjoy every run, even on days when I worked 10 hours or it's raining and thus near impossible to get my butt out the door... 

In the past month I've discovered that there's no better motivator than knowing that the end is near. With a finite number of SF running days left on the calendar, each run has become a gift. Rain or shine, early or late, even if I don't feel great, I've challenged myself to soak up every run and take in the scenery, because there aren't too many SF runs left... 

Pausing mid-run to capture the joyful moment
Great Highway, SF - making the most of final SF runs
Last long run in SF - across the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin and back
In the spirit of goal-setting, I used my Believe I Am training journal to help me think about what I want to accomplish in December:

I've been dealing with a tweaked hamstring (note to self: sitting in a desk chair for 8 hours is BAD for a runner's body!) so this month I've committed myself to HEALING. This means slightly modified training and hours spent on the massage table enduring grin-and-bear-it treatment sessions. Proper recovery and rehab take time, but I'm feeling much better than I did 2 weeks ago.

Also on December's list of to-do's is to RACE WELL AT CLUB XC! I'm currently in Lexington, Kentucky with my New Balance Silicon Valley teammates gearing up for the National Club Cross Country Championships. This event is one of my favorite races of the year - it's all about the team and competing hard together. While I'm chasing some individual goals, I'm really focused on racing my heart out for my teammates.

I've had some solid workouts leading up to this race and am excited to see what I can do tomorrow. The course is hilly, the grass uneven, and it's been raining all day - in other words, tomorrow's race will be true cross-country! I'm pumped to spike up, duke it out in the mud, and race joyfully!

In advance of tomorrow's race, I did an interview with Freeplay Magazine - check it out here. Thanks to the team at Freeplay for their great coverage of Northern California female athletes!

If you're looking for race updates, be sure check out Runnerspace for on-site meet coverage or follow @NBSiliconValley on Twitter for live race updates! The gun goes off at 12:45 pm EST - go NBSV!