Champions 3 years and running!

This past weekend I raced at the Pacific Association Cross Country Championships here in Golden Gate Park. It's a course I know well, having run parts of it nearly every day since living in SF. I've raced at this meet numerous times over the years; it's crazy to look back at the time I ran here as a freshman in college in 2005 and compare it to my first post-collegiate race here in 2010, to this past Sunday's result:

2005 PA Championships:

2010 PA Championships:
2012 PA Championships:

This weekend's race was so fun, just like high school and college cross-country all over again. The meet was about the TEAM and about competing hard alongside teammates. The course was a little muddy but nothing compared to years past, and on race day we were lucky to get a break in the rain.

I was a bit anxious to race, as I've been dealing with a nagging hamstring issue (probably due to sitting in front of a computer for too long and not getting proper recovery post-run). I can't tell you how many times since starting full-time work that I've finished a run, dashed off to a meeting (hair still dripping from the 2-minute shower I took), and proceeded to sit in a chair for hours while my muscles screamed at me. Ah, the life of the working runner... sorry, little hamstring!

Thankfully, my hammy held on for the 4 mile race and I finished comfortably in 4th place, leading the New Balance Silicon Valley women to our 3rd straight Pacific Association and West Region Championship title! Wohoo!

Champs 3 years and running! We are happy :-)

Now both the men's and women's teams are off for Lexington, Kentucky in 2 weeks for the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships. Look for to a strong showing from NBSV!

But first, there's a Turkey Trot to be run! Yup, just a few days after running PA's, I'll be back at it, racing the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot in the elite women's 5k. I ran this race last year (finishing 8th in 16:35) and can't think of a better way to start off Thanksgiving Day! Especially this year, when I've got so much to be thankful for.

Happy early Thanksgiving to all - and if you're able to, lace up your shoes before digging in to the turkey and pecan pie and head out for a joyful run :)