Running Mantras - Surprise yourself

I'm currently in Boston gearing up for tomorrow's Tufts 10K for Women, which serves as the women's 10K Road Championships and the last race of the 2012 USA Running Circuit. It's SO good to be back in Boston - I'm really excited to be here! After our flight got in last night I went for a shake-out jog around Boston Common, soaking up the city's history and relishing the cool, crisp fall air. The weather for Monday looks to be perfect for a 10K!

Getting to Boston wasn't the easiest - I was up late the night before my flight, frantically packing (you'd think that with how frequently I travel, packing would be less stressful...  but no, some things never change!). Then I was up before the sun to get in a run before the flight. Cursing the early alarm, the dark, the fog, I slowly made my way out the door. But a mile into the run, the sun started to peak through, the fog dissipated, and I was treated to THE most beautiful sunrise I've seen in San Francisco. Running alone through Golden Gate Park, watching the sky light up, I was overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude and joy. With a sunrise like that to start my trip, I know good things are headed my way!

And so I'm coming into tomorrow's race full of appreciation and thanks for the wonderful opportunity before me. I'm reminded how lucky I am - I get to train each day, running miles and miles over scenic trails with the best of friends, flying all over the country to races and testing myself against America's best runners. How great is life?! When pre-race pressure tries to get the best of me, I tell myself that I'm not stressed, I'm blessed! :)

My mantra for tomorrow's race comes from my good friend Brooke Wells. Earlier this week when Brooke asked me how I was feeling about the race, I said I was a little anxious. With the wisdom that can only come from someone who has been in my position before, Brooke advised me to "Surprise yourself." And I can't think of a better way to approach tomorrow's race. The opportunities for success are endless, if I can only allow myself to believe it. So I'm entering tomorrow's 10k excited for the surprises to come!

Tune into Runnerspace for live updates tomorrow - the gun goes off at noon EST/9 am PST!