Happy 2 years, San Francisco!

2 years ago this month I bid my hometown of Davis, California adieu after 23 years there... Small(ish)-town girl moving to the big city! It's crazy to think how fast these past 2 years have gone by. Am I really no longer a recent college grad? How can I already be in my mid-20s? Eek! I'm getting old! As friends and peers start getting married and posting baby pics on Facebook, it's a wild reminder that we are, indeed, growing up.

But becoming an adult comes with many perks, including being of drinking age... So let me raise a glass to my adopted city -- cheers, San Francisco! The past 2 years here have arguably been my best yet. Tough for them not to be, what with friends and family nearby and SF being named America's best city in 2012 :) At any rate, thank you, San Francisco, for being such a splendid host for the adventures of this 20-something, and of course, the site of many joyful runs :)

What better way to commemorate this 2 year anniversary than with photos? Enjoy!

Roomie love, overlooking our adopted city
View on my drive into work, way out by the ocean. Minus the usual fog.

Daily stomping grounds - easily spend at least an hour in the park every day. I think the homeless people might be the only ones who spend more time in GGP than me!
Conservatory of Flowers in GGP
Bridge views from Coit Tower

My favorite place in the entire city - Stow Lake with a view of Sutro Tower
Relentless fog rolling in
Polo Fields - site of many a solo workout
View from my apartment. I'm a pretty lucky gal!
Ah, AT&T Park. Buster Posey, marry me? (sorry Avi!)
Views like this are why I carry my iPhone with me when I run!
Sunset District in the foreground; the park, the Richmond, the bridge, and Marin beyond
City views from the East Bay. So blessed to call SF home (I mean second home! Sorry Mom - Davis will always be "home home") ;-)