2014 Highlight Reel

A TON happened in 2014, but I think I've already hit my quota for long blog posts, so I'll keep this recap short and sweet. January to December, here's my 2014 highlight reel!

Survived the Ohio winter, the polar vortex, and bronchitis

Got back in shape, rediscovered track speed, and qualified for USA's in the 10k


Burned out, didn't race USA's (a wedding and a move will do that to you)

Took nearly a month off -- the longest time off I've had in a long time (ever?)

Said goodbye to Cleveland and hello to Providence

Slowly, slowly, slowly got back in shape over the summer

Made new running friends in Rhode Island

Trained for my first 26.2

Had a breakout run at Pittsburgh 10-Miler

2:39 Marathon Debut and OTQ at CIM

Hope your 2014 was equally great, and that 2015 has exciting things in store for you!