A new place to run joyfully

I began writing this blog almost 4 years ago (seriously, it's been that long?!) when I moved to San Francisco to pursue a dream of being one of the top distance runners in the US. In a little apartment steps from Golden Gate Park, I re-discovered how to run joyfully, and I ran pretty darn fast in the process.





After 2 years in San Francisco, many PRs, but unfortunately no Olympic Trials, I moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where my then-fiance was in medical school. Running in Cleveland wasn't always joyful, and the winters sure were challenging, but Cleveland is a wonderful place that will forever be near to my heart.

This summer I'm running joyfully in a new city -- Providence, Rhode Island -- my new home! Though I haven't gotten to see much of Providence yet -- my excursions have been limited to Ikea, Home Depot, and Costco -- I'm eager to explore all that the city has to offer, for running and in general!

Our new place in Providence is close to Blackstone Boulevard and Brown Stadium, which will be great for training, and I've been lucky to already connect with some PVD runners. I've found an awesome yoga studio nearby, and more importantly an awesome bakery (good thing I'm running a lot to keep my inner fat kid at bay!). So far, so good, Providence!

Here's to many joyful runs in my new home!