Moving forward - with MOVABLE!

Hip Hip Hurray, I got a job today!

I'm excited to share that starting April 1st, I'll be joining a health and wellness startup here in the Cleveland area called MOVABLE. MOVABLE's mission is to inspire movement and increase daily activity to improve the health and performance of people everywhere.

Through the MOVband - a wrist-worn activity monitor, MOVchallenges - group challenges encouraging people to move 100 miles in 3 weeks, and MOVathons - a movement-based fundraising platform, MOVABLE is getting schools and workplaces across the country more active!

I've accepted the Program Manager position here at MOVABLE and can't wait to get started with the team. I feel like this job is a perfect fit for my interest in public health (and this crazy passion of mine, running!). Plus, the people are really fun :) Great team, great mission, and the office is just a 5-minute drive from miles of running trails! What's not to love?

Ohio, you're not so bad... I think I might be actually really like it here! :)