A birthday and some big news!

Another year, another birthday... today I'm 26! 

A few months ago I made some big changes and decided to quit my job and move from San Francisco to Cleveland, Ohio, where my boyfriend of 7 years is a medical student at Case Western Reserve University.

Well, at long last I've arrived in Ohio. As I turn 26 and begin this new year, there's a whole lot of newness going on - new state, new job (soon, I hope!), new running trails to explore, and... new relationship title! That boyfriend I moved here for is now MY FIANCE! Yup, we're engaged! He proposed over the holidays while we were traveling in Thailand!

We are SO happy!
Engaged, 26 years old, moved across the country... does this mean I'm grown up now? Maybe so... regardless, I'm excited about what this new season of life holds (though less excited about being in my late 20s now!). Adventures await!

And now, off to go enjoy some birthday cake!