Building year upon year

A year ago at this time I wrote a blog post titled "What a difference a year makes." I'd just competed in my first USA Road Championship and had finished 12th in a road 5k PR of 16:43. After struggling during my first year as a post-collegiate runner trying to navigate the pro running scene, I was ecstatic about that breakthrough performance that validated 12 months of hard work. 

Providence, RI

Now, another 12 months have passed and I'm back in Providence, Rhode Island for the 2012 USA 5K Road Championships. A year later, a year stronger, a year's worth of miles and racing experience under my belt. Fueled by 12 months of great success but also deep disappointment -- that Olympic Trials berth that just wasn't meant to be -- I'm eager to kick off my fall racing campaign with a bang. In tomorrow's race, I'm hoping for a breakthrough performance similar to last year that will set the tone for the upcoming competitions.

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