Turn that "No Trials" frown upside down!

Tonight is the Olympic Trials 10k. At 7:20 PM, the fans at Hayward Field will fall silent as the starter raises his gun, and then BANG, the race to London will begin. 24 talented women will race their hearts out for a spot on the Olympic team.

Where will I be when the gun goes off? Not on the starting line - the starting line that I dreamed about, fantasized about, thought about on each and every run for the past year. 33:01 just didn't quite cut it... it took 32:48 to qualify for the Trials this year. That's speedy!!

Instead of on the starting line, I'll be watching the race on TV, viewing from afar instead of competing. I had tickets to the meet tonight, but watching the race from the stands felt a little like rubbing salt in the wound. Better to sell those babies to someone who could really enjoy them.

But enough bumming - time to get out this funk! Here's my 3-step plan to turn that "No-Trials" frown upside down!

1) Retail therapy. I've gone shopping this week. Twice. (Three times if you count online shopping.) There's nothing a little trip to H&M and Gap can't fix. Plus I treated myself to a super-cute Oiselle running tee - adorable, right? I feel better already!

2) Book a trip to Eugene anyway. What's the next best thing to competing at the Olympic Trials? Spectating at them! If I can't race, I'll cheer! Tons of friends will be racing in Eugene and even more will be making the road-trip to watch and cheer, and I'll be joining them. My wonderfully flexible boss understands my need to make this pilgrimage to TrackTown, even though I won't be competing. So I'm headed to Eugene next Thursday (thanks boss!!) to watch the distance events and cheer like a crazy woman for all my friends racing! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Throwback to 2006 - Jonah and I cheering on little bro Brendan at the CA HS State Meet
3) Surround yourself with friends. Tonight I'll be sharing a bottle of wine with running friends while we have a viewing party to watch the 10k on TV. These ladies understand and share my disappointment about the Trials - they've all been on this running roller coaster ride before. So thanks in advance to Brooke, Sarah, Alexa, and Fitz - no time to be sad, gotta be glad, especially when surrounded by such amazing friends! Here's to a summer of joyful miles together :)

So, follow steps 1-3 and you should be grinning in no time! When I hit the trails tomorrow after taking my requisite post-season break, I'll be smiling, because running is still the thing that brings me great joy.

See ya in Eugene!