National Running Day - Why I Run

Today -- June 6th -- is National Running Day. Across the country, runners everywhere are celebrating our passion for the sport that keeps us active, happy, and healthy. 

Haha - love this!
Last summer I wrote a blog post about why I run, but in honor of National Running Day, here are some additional reasons why I lace up my shoes every day:

I run for friendship.
Through college running I've made some of my dearest friends. Lifelong bonds were formed running along the farm fields of Davis and the scenic trails at Point Reyes, on bus rides and plane rides and at hotels across the country, in the weight room, Hickey Gym, and many laps around Lane 1.

Former college teammates and partners in crime, now coworkers and roommates!
While we've since moved away from Davis and traded running shoes for business suits, the sisterhood and support remain. Love you, Former Aggie Greats!

I run for my team.
I've got so much love for my post-collegiate team, New Balance Silicon Valley. Cliche as it may sound, the acronym Together Everyone Achieves More totally epitomizes NBSV. We support each other both on and off the track, in our running goals, relationships, careers, etc. I'm so proud to be a part of NBSV!

I run for wine.
Think I run 2 hour long runs just for kicks? Well, maybe I do, but I also run so that I can enjoy a nice glass of red wine. In 2007 I studied abroad in Argentina and fell in love with Malbec... the rest is history. Some people run for chocolate, others for beer, I run for wine (oh and also ice cream!).

Do I have a bumper sticker with this saying on my car? Why yes I do.

I run because it's faster than walking! 
With so many beautiful places in the world to explore, it's much faster to run than walk!

I run for strength.
Running makes me a stronger woman - physically, mentally, emotionally. Post-collegiate running hasn't always been an easy road, but the learning and growth over the past 2 years will serve me not just in running but in whatever else comes my way. Life is bound to throw curve balls, but thanks to the self-confidence I've gained from chasing my running dreams, I know have the strength I can get through anything.

What gets you out the door? Why do you run?

Happy National Running Day!