A pain in the butt

One of the most frustrating things I've experienced is my body failing to do what I ask of it. At age 25, I expect my body to be fit, healthy, and responsive to my demands. I'm under no illusions that this will always be the case, but for now, I've trained this body to be a well-oiled machine that clicks off lap splits on request. Brain says run, body goes.

Sadly, this body hasn't quite been up to the task in the past few weeks. I asked too much of it, and it screamed its outrage loud and clear on the last rep of a recent workout. A little tweak that I wrote off as nothing is actually something - a strain in my piriformis/glute muscle. Quite literally, a pain in the butt.

I ran through this minor tweak over the past week and a half, being diligent about foam rolling, stretching, and icing as I tried to mitigate the pain. However, in my tuneup workout last week, this pain in the butt roared its head again. I woke up on Friday barely able to stumble through 2 miles.

I made an emergency visit to Agile Physical Therapy (a New Balance Silicon Valley community partner), pleading with the PT to work her magic and fix me so I could run pain-free. Ultrasound and massage definitely helped, but as I did strides last night in preparation to race the 10k at Payton Jordan, the pain resurfaced.

Fast-forward 3 miles into the race and I stepped off the track. Every step around the oval was painful - a shooting pain through my butt with every stride. My body was saying no. After 12 laps, I veered out of lane 1 and slipped off my spikes. Body, you win.

Sometimes the smartest decision is the toughest one. No one likes to DNF (Do Not Finish) - not gonna lie, it's a really crappy feeling. Like what I imagine it'd feel like to go through a breakup while having the stomach flu and getting run over by a truck, all at the same time. Did I eat some "I'm feeling sorry for myself" cookies last night? You betcha.

Thanks Aunt Sue for the snickerdoodles!
But after a night of sleep, I know the decision to step off the track was the right one. Pushing through an injury is a no-no. Now, it's time to get treatment and get healthy, because there's still a lot of running to be done in this track season! Thanks to all for your words of support and encouragement before, during, and after the race last night - it is much appreciated!

As I sign off, I've got an apology to make:
Body, I'm sorry I pushed you so hard and asked so much of you. You have my attention, I'm listening now. I'm slowing down, getting treatment, and fixing you up. Rehab, here we go!

Run joyfully, and run smart!