Meet me in St. Louis

This blog post comes to you from the comfy bed of my hotel room in St. Louis, Missouri - I'm here for the USA Cross Country Championships. While I'm nice and cozy here in my bed, it's chilly and cold outside - check out the weather forecast for tomorrow's race!

A high of 27 degrees?? Brrr!! Good thing I've spent so much time in Cleveland this winter! Hopefully those long runs and 2 mile repeats I endured in sub-20 degree Ohio temps have adequately prepared me for tomorrow's race day conditions.

I've run at USA XC twice before - last year in San Diego (which didn't go so well...) and two years ago in Spokane, Washington (which was a decent race). As in past years, USA XC serves as the selection event for the World XC and NACAC competitions. Although there's no Worlds this year, tomorrow's race will select the qualifiers for the NACAC meet in Trinidad in March, and is an opportunity to represent our country in international competition. I missed a spot on a USA team in Scotland by 2 heartbreaking seconds last December, so I'm entering tomorrow's race hungry and gunning for a spot. Wish me (and my NBSV teammates!) good luck! :-)

You can watch the race live on Runnerspace tomorrow at 1:15 pm Central time:

Thanks all for your support!!!