Running Resolutions for 2012

Every January, people make countless vows to get in shape, eat better, study more, etc. I don't have a great track record of sticking to my past New Year's Resolutions - my annual vows to floss every day, become a morning person, and cut back on coffee usually only last for a month or so before I fall back into my old habits.

But, this year I'm extra motivated to keep my resolutions, specifically my Running Resolutions. 2012 is an Olympic year and the track & field trials are just 6 short months away, so I'm making a commitment to stick to these resolutions as best I can, as long as I can.

I'd like to invite you to join me in these Running Resolutions. Whether your goal is to run in the Olympic Trials, PR in the 5k, or finish your first marathon, these Running Resolutions can help you achieve your goal! Keep me updated on your progress and we can work towards these goals together :)

Running Resolution #1: Take more ice baths
I've got a love/hate relationship with ice baths - the benefits of a post-run cold soak are myriad, but immersing myself in 55 degree water for 10 minutes is sometimes downright unbearable! Still, gotta do 'em... so fill your bathtub with ice cubes and take the plunge at least once a week for optimal recovery!

Running Resolution #2: Improve fluid and calorie intake on long runs
Since graduating college and upping my mileage, my long runs have increased from 90 minutes to close to 2 hours. On these long days when you're burning over 100 calories per mile, it's vital to take in calories and fluids mid-run so as not to hit the wall. I've learned the hard way, bonking hard from calorie deficit, then feeling like doo-doo and needing hours to recover post-run (leading to a wholly unproductive Sunday!). To avoid this, I know I need to be better about eating a GU gel mid-run and sipping on an electrolyte fluid as the miles go by. So here's my 2012 vow: no bonking on a long run!

Drink up mid-run!
Running Resolution #3: Do 10 minutes of core every day
A strong core is essential to injury prevention and helping maintain good running form. When your core is strong, you're less prone to injury flare-ups in your lower back/hips, and when you reach the final 2 kilometers of a 10k, you're better equipped to keep your composure and maintain good form. And as an added bonus, you'll have a nice 6-pack to show off at the pool :)
So this year, instead of spending an extra 10 minutes on Facebook, I'll get down on my yoga mat for a 10 minute core routine!
Running Resolution #4: Foam roam every day
Since I can't afford a weekly sports massage, the foam roller is my saving grace. I roll out everything - calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, IT bands, even my back. Amid high mileage weeks and hard workouts, I resolve to find time each day for the "little things," like foam rolling, that keep me running strong.

Running Resolution #5: Be confident!
I spent much of 2011 figuring out how to say "See ya!" to self-doubt. I haven't always been the best about believing in myself and I've let that hurt me in some races. But watch out, competitors - this year my confidence is back with a vengeance and I'm heading to the starting line with courage! So in 2012, no more self-doubt: I'm going to listen to the wise words of my 11-year-old brother (who told me, "Be awesome!") and the sage advice of Henry David Thoreau: Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!

Onward to 2012!
Join me in these Running Resolutions for 2012 - here's to a great year with lots of joyful running! :)