Boston Bound - Tufts 10K/US 10K Road Champs

I'm Boston bound tomorrow for the Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women, which also serves as the 10K championships on the USA Running Circuit. The field is incredibly strong, but I'm excited to compete with the nation's best and see how I stack up. Saturday midday I'll board a plane with my NBSV teammate Catha and we'll be on our way!

As you can see, the weather looks warm, but it should be nice running weather - definitely preferable to cold and rain!

The last time I was in Boston was in 2009 to visit my great friend Megan, who is in grad school at Tufts. We grew up side by side on the soccer field and she's one of my oldest and best friends. Between living across the street from one another to flipping pancakes on Gregg/Wall family camping trips to speeding to Davis High school in my VW bug to winning a XC section championship together, she's been there through it all. I'm so excited to visit her and have her on the sidelines to cheer - I couldn't ask for a better fan or friend!

I'm also looking forward to catching up with running friends who will also be racing - I love these meets where you get to visit with fellow runners who are chasing similar dreams :) My high school friendly rival Cecily Lemmon-Lew will be competing - for a good read, check out her running blog:

Also, best of luck to another high school friendly rival, Natasha LeBeaud, who's racing the Chicago Marathon on Sunday! Go Tashy!

If you want to watch my race on Monday, tune into Runnerspace  at 9 am PST to watch the live feed. Disclaimer: they tend to focus the camera on the leader (which realistically won't be me) so you may only catch glimpses of me, but you should be able to see the start and finish! 

As always, THANK YOU everyone for your love and support :) Tune back in for results on Monday!