Get inspired

At the World Championships in Daegu today, American Jenny Barringer Simpson shocked the track and field world by winning GOLD in the 1500 meters. While Shannon Rowbury won bronze in the 1500 in 2009, it's been decades since an American woman has won a gold in this event. As I watched her run to the World Champs victory today, I got chills.

I've long admired Jenny - not only is she an exceptionally talented runner (one of the most decorated female runners in NCAA history and the American record holder in the 3000 meter steeplechase), Jenny is always poised, composed, and well-spoken. She shows such grace in post-race interviews, even after a bad race. She's a runner I look up to and admire; I'm so incredibly inspired by her victory today. Watch her race here: 

Also, for a great read, check out Ann Gaffigan's blog post on Jenny stunning the world.

Can't wait to head out for an inspired run tonight!