Return to racing: The Giant Race

This coming Saturday I'll return to racing after a 3 month hiatus. An injury forced me to shut down my track season early and I've spent the summer putting in lots of miles. On Saturday, it's time to see that hard work pay off and reacquaint myself with the pre-race nervous butterflies, the mid-race wall of pain, and cross-the-finish-line excitement of racing. 
At a bar cheering on the Giants during the World Series
I'll be running the 10K at The Giant Race here in San Francisco. As a lifelong Giants fan, it's the perfect race for me to kick of my fall season. I'm looking forward to so many things on Saturday: Matt Cain shooting the starting gun, the opportunity to remind myself what race pace feels like, and finishing the race on the field at AT&T Park. My secret hope is that Buster Posey will be cheering me on as I cross the finish line... hey, a girl can dream, can't she? ;-)

Celebrating on the field after the end of the 2010 regular season
Cheering on the G-men with my brother Brendan

Good luck to everyone else racing this weekend - fellow NBSV runners and high school athletes starting their XC seasons! Check back later this weekend for results from the Giant Race!