New swag for a new season

My wet and rainy day was pleasantly brightened by the arrival of new shoes from New Balance! Nothing like some new gear to get you feeling good! You know the confidence you feel when you're wearing a new dress (or for the guys, maybe a new suit)? You kind of strut around feeling like hot stuff, check yourself out in the reflection of a store window, smile more... because you know that you look good,which makes you feel good. For me, it's the same with running gear. When I've got on a new sports bra or a fun new pair of flashy shoes, I can't help but feel fast. There's a pop in my stride and a spring in my step, and when I step up to the line it's with an air of confidence.

Flashy, fun, and FAST! New racing flats from New Balance
Some might say it's vain to care about what you look like while you're running. I used roll my eyes at the women who got on the starting line with a face full of makeup. But over the years, I've come to understand the need to look good, in order to feel good, before a race. At the elite level, running is less about fitness and more about mental fortitude, less about mileage and more about confidence. Whether it's flashy shoes or mascara or a special hair-do - whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself - what's important is that you have faith in your abilities when the race begins.

So thanks, New Balance, for the fun flashy flats that are going to propel me to fast times on the roads this summer! I'm still finalizing my summer racing schedule but I can't wait to lace up those bad boys and run FAST!

Pretty new trainers - the NB 880