Happy Father's Day to my inspiring dad/coach

Happy Father's Day to my most wonderful father! I'm so lucky that he is not just my dad, but also my coach - my partner along this post-collegiate running journey I'm on. He's biked with me during late night runs, held the stopwatch during rainy storms and 100 degree days, talked me through tough times, been a patient listener and a voice of reason, and been one of my biggest supporters.

My dad is a constant source of encouragement and support not only to me, but to the hundreds of high school athletes he coaches. Brooks Running even chose him as one of the 10 most inspiring high school coaches in the country! We're so proud of you, Dad!

Dad, on Father's Day I hope you can relax a little and avoid your list of chores and to-do's... Instead, talk running with me and Brendan, play some Wii with Bryce, and take the dog for a walk with Kallie. Then crack open a beer and listen to the Giants :) You deserve it!

Me and my dad at USA XC Nationals in February

Me and my dad at USA XC Nationals in February

Thanks for being the loving, caring, funny, supportive, encouraging dad that you are. And thank you for the most wonderful of gifts - that of learning how to run joyfully.

Happy Father's Day, and much love.