Some much-needed downtime

After much debate and discussion with Coach Dad, I've decided to call an end to my track season and take some downtime. It's been a fun spring, filled with big races, fast times, fun travel with teammates, and lots of miles. But those miles are finally starting to catch up with me... my body is saying, "Slow down!" It wasn't easy to decide to pull the plug on the season, especially when I know I'm fit. I'd originally planned to run a 5K up in Portland on June 11 and go after a PR, but I don't think my body would have held up for 3 more weeks. I'm a bit overdue on some rest (I didn't take an extended break in the fall/winter) so Coach Dad and I jointly decided to end the season on a high point - Bay to Breakers - and take the next 2 weeks to rejuvenate. After this much-needed break, I'm sure I'll be feeling refreshed and excited for a solid summer of training and racing!

Best of luck to all those still in the midst of their track seasons - I'll be rooting for you (from the couch!).