Chasing the A Standard

Tomorrow I'll be racing the 10k at the Stanford Invitational, chasing the A standard to qualify for USATF Senior Nationals, held in June in Eugene, Oregon. The A standard in the 10k is 33:40 (, which works out to a pace of just shy of 81 seconds per lap. My current 10k PR is 34:01, so I need to run about a second per lap faster than last year to hit the qualifying mark. Thankfully, training has been going really well and I'm in a lot better shape than I was a year ago, so I think 33:40 is in my wheelhouse. Plus, there's a great field entered and there should be plenty of talented women to run with and compete against. Here's to hoping that the weather improves and this nasty wind and rain go away by race time! (which is 8:58 pm Friday, if you care to know.)

The races unfortunately won't be broadcast live this year (what's up with that Flotrack??) but they promise that all videos will be posted shortly after filming. So, check out around 10 pm on Friday to see how I did!

Good luck to all those competing at Stanford -- it should be an exciting night of track and field!