What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Davis High crew in Vegas!
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... thank goodness! While Las Vegas is good for dancing, drinks, and a good time with friends, it is NOT ideal for running. Thankfully, my Vegas trip this past weekend didn't interfere with my training, and crappy running along The Strip and the less-than-lovely surrounding area does not follow me home... it stays in Vegas!

I went to Vegas with a group of high school friends for an early celebration of my 24th birthday (coming up on 1/31!). Southwest was having a crazy cheap deal on flights so we figured "what the heck!" and booked tickets and a hotel. Then we were off to Vegas for a Davis High reunion and a whirlwind 48-hour trip!

View from our hotel room at The Paris
I'd never been to Vegas before (it doesn't quite fit with the lifestyle of a professional runner...) but I didn't let this trip get in the way of training. I ran 10 miles on Friday, along the crowded and congested Strip and then east into the smoggy/dirty/less-than-glamorous part of Vegas. After numerous cat calls, horn honks, and whistles, I finally settled into a relatively comfortable rhythm and got in my miles, finishing my run around the UNLV track and then back to our hotel. Quick shower, then into a party dress and heels and the night began! Dinner, drinks, and dancing followed and a good time was had by all :)

BA and JL, my DHS loves <3
The next day I wasn't sure I had the mental energy to deal with the crowded streets of Vegas and the lewd comments and leering looks from creepy men, so I decided to settle for a treadmill run. However, our hotel apparently charged $25 for use of the fitness center - what the heck? (It's free with the purchase of a facial... ha!). Quite annoyed, I gave the fitness center guy a piece of my mind... I ended up not running on Saturday, but after trekking from Vegas to SFO to Davis, I pounded out a workout on my parents' elliptical from midnight til 1 am. Not as good as running, but I'll take it.

Thankfully now I'm back in CA and am enjoying running in familiar territory. I did a hilly long run through Briones Park in the East Bay on Sunday and had an awesome workout in Palo Alto tonight with my NBSV teammates. We're a week and a half away from USA XC Nationals in San Diego and I'm feeling good :) Mileage is up, workouts are great, time to run fast in SD!

Until next time,