Off to COLD North Carolina!

I'm off to Charlotte, North Carolina tomorrow for USA Cross-Country Club Nationals! (check out race info here:
Looking at the weather report, it looks to be rather chilly!! Thank you in advance to New Balance for getting us some arm warmers and gloves! Looks like it'll be ~35-40 degrees at race time on Saturday -- ooooh boy! I'm absolutely not a cold weather girl (I think Davis winters are cold...) so North Carolina will be an adventure -- but I'm excited, bring it on! The beauty of XC is that everyone races in the same conditions and place, not time, is all that really matters. So be it cold, rainy, windy, or snowy, I'm ready to race!

I've been INCREDIBLY busy at the Dreamforce Conference in SF the past few days -- I've been overwhelmed with long hours and lots of people (20,000 conference attendees -- I'm not a big fan of large crowds). However, I'm learning lots about best practices for communications and fundraising for nonprofits, and hopefully I'll be able to take what I've learned at the conference and apply it to projects I'm working on at SNBC. Also, I got to hear Stevie Wonder perform last night and listen to the always-inspirational Bill Clinton tonight - what a treat! So I'm leaving Dreamforce tired but inspired :)

Time to go pack and then hit the hay -- big day of travel tomorrow!