A joyful long run

Today I did my longest run since track season, and it was very joyful :) 12 miles might not seem super long relative to the long runs some of my peers are doing, but in light of what has transpired since track season (gallbladder surgery and subsequent recovery...) I'm very happy with my effort. Inspired by the Giants' win, I laced up my shoes feeling cheerful and buoyant. With no set route in mind, I let my feet determine my path, the only requirement being that I make it down to the bottom of Golden Gate Park so that I could get a glimpse of the ocean. I ran my typical route past the Academy of Sciences and the DeYoung Museum, then onto some dirt trails until I reached the western edge of the park. When I first caught sight of the Pacific Ocean, the water gleaming and golden, I let out a little yelp of joy! The view of the sun setting over the ocean, the Marin headlands off to the North, the fog starting to roll in... the sight never ceases to amaze me. I ran along the ocean for a little while, looking out over the waves and the rapidly disappearing sun. Couples lined the Great Highway, kissing and snuggling as they watched the sun set. I couldn't help but feel a bit jealous that I was all alone on this gorgeous evening, with my special someone halfway across the country... but I just quickened my pace and continued my run, knowing that my Halloween visit to Ohio isn't too far away.

The last 2 miles of my run required some mental perseverance, as my knees and joints were a little weary and achy, having not been asked to run this far since May. However, I finished out the full 84 minutes, smiling at my watch that so proudly displayed my evening's accomplishment. Then it was back to the apartment for a super-fast shower and a race against the clock to get Kallie back to the Amtrak station before her bus left without her! With Kallie safely en route back home, I trekked back to the Inner Sunset for some recovery food and downtime before bed. Tomorrow is a new week, a blank sheet in my training log, ready to be filled up with miles. Mileage whore that I am, I get excited each time I add up my week's total. Right now my mileage is a little lower than I want it, but slowly but surely I'm working my way back to higher weekly totals. But, in order for next week's total to be higher than the past week, I've got to get some much needed rest... off to bed!

Happy running,