2 seconds to heartbreak

Oh, running, you're breaking my heart!

Today I found out that I missed qualifying for my first USA team by 2 SECONDS. Two measly seconds. In those two brief moments, I went from punching my ticket to Scotland and racing in the coveted red, white, and blue jersey to staying home. Ahhhh, what a heartbreak!

In the final meters of this month's US Club Cross Country Championships, the talented Maggie Infeld and I battled it out for the final spot on the Scotland team. She and 8 other women will head to Europe next month to race in the Bupa Great Edinburgh Cross Country International Challenge - and I'm sure they will do a stellar job! I just wish I was there to compete as well...

Still, I'm trying not to be too disappointed - no point in dwelling on something that's done and over, and at this point, out of my control. I've come such a long way since this race a year ago, so I'm trying to focus on that.

The photos from the final meters tell the story...

I know I ran my heart out in Seattle... it's a little broken now, but nothing that some winter miles can't heal.

2 seconds --> just more fuel for the fire

Best of luck to those repping the US of A in Scotland next month!!