Why have a running coach?

Coaches guide you, push you, challenge you, and support you. Whether you’re training to improve your health, change up the status quo, break out of a slump, or take it to the next level, you often turn to others for support in that. A running coach can help you do that by holding you accountable, giving you a plan for success, and supporting your journey along the way.


Why train joyfully with Coach Kaitlin?

I’ve learned from the best

  • I spent 2 years as a Volunteer Assistant Coach at the University of San Francisco, working with Head Coach Helen Lehman-Winters and Tom Kloos. Under Helen and Tom, I learned what it means to be a great running coach and how to develop and guide each athlete to reach their potential.

My experience

  • I have over 10 years of coaching experience, from coaching youth in swimming, to coaching xc & track at the Division I level, to helping people reach their 5k-marathon goals - I’ve worked with athletes of all abilities. I know how to translate goals into outcomes and how to achieve measurable results.
  • I've been a competitive distance runner for nearly 2 decades, racing at the highest level in Division I and now as a pro and 3-time Olympic Trials Qualifier. I've had "dream-come-true" races and others where I've come up far short - I've run the gamut (literally!) and can relate to the ups and downs of racing.
  • I've coached dozens of runners of all abilities, helping athletes cross their first marathon finish line, run 27+ minute personal bests, and break the finish line tape. 

Coaching is in my blood

  • Both of my parents are coaches -- my mom is a youth swim coach and my dad coaches high school XC and track. I've watched them nurture and develop thousands of athletes (me included!) and I share their passion to help individuals reach new personal bests!

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