Training Joyfully Track Club

TJTC is a Providence-based running club. We've got athletes of all abilities and we race everything from the mile to the marathon, on the roads, track, and trails. The common thread amongst us is that we love to run, and we approach our training with an attitude of gratitude. You'll see TJTC athletes crossing the finish line with a smile on our faces, because we're running joyfully!

Benefits of joining

  • TJTC racing jersey
  • Monthly weekend group runs with free post-run snacks
  • Monthly team Pub Run (we run from a bar in Providence and enjoy a post-run beverage together!)
  • Opportunity to represent TJTC at team races, like the Harpoon 5 Miler
  • Access to the Training Joyfully club on Strava
  • Friends to run joyfully with!

Membership is $55 annually (then $30/year to renew) and includes your TJTC racing kit. The remainder of membership fees go to support the post-run snacks for our monthly weekend group runs.

 Photo credit Stephen Matera/Topo

Photo credit Stephen Matera/Topo

We're thrilled to partner with Mike Silva and Foundation Performance Physical Therapy and Rebelle Artisan Bagels to host some of our monthly group runs!


Interested in partnering with TJTC? Contact Coach Kaitlin - we'd love to explore ways to work together!



Q: Do I have to live in Providence to join?
A: Nope! We have members all over Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We also have some remote members across the US who race for TJTC. Remote membership is a $35 one-time fee and includes your racing jersey.

Q: Do I need to be coached by Coach Kaitlin to join?
A: Nope! While Kaitlin coaches many athletes on TJTC, that absolutely isn't a requirement of joining. We're all about bringing the running community together, having fun together, and spreading running joy :) 

Q: I don't think I'm fast enough for the team. What kind of paces do you run at group runs?
A: We've got all abilities! Paces range from 7:00 min/mile to 10:00 min/mile. At group runs, we will all start together, then branch off to your desired pace. We reconvene post-run for brunch or beers! 

Interested in joining TJTC? Fill out the membership inquiry below and we'll get back to you ASAP with next steps! 

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