Joining the Nuun Hydration Ambassador team!

I'm stoked to announce that I've joined the Nuun Hydration team as an Ambassador

What's Nuun, you ask?

Nuun is a sugar-free, electrolyte-replacement sports drink tablet. Think dissolving tablet (a la Airborne) without all the sugar and calories of Gatorade. Nuun is great for sports hydration as it replaces the sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium you lose during a hard workout. 

I first tried Nuun after hearing many running friends rave about it. Twitter friends were tweeting the hashtag #runhydrated, friends were Instagraming their Nuun mixology creations... all the cool kids were talking about it, so I had to try! And soon I was hooked. This coffee addict was sold the minute I heard the Cherry Limeade flavor had caffeine in it :) As I race off to work (late, as usual) after a sweaty morning run (Ohio summers are HOT and HUMID), I pop a Nuun tab in my water bottle and rehydrate on my commute.

So I'm thrilled to join the talented crew of Nuun Ambassadors, which encompasses athletes of various sports from across the country. Thanks, Nuun!

You can check out my profile here: