Product Review: Simple Hydration Water Bottles

As one of my 2012 Running Resolutions, I’ve vowed to be better about fueling during long runs. With the Olympic Trials 10K in June as my goal, the Sunday long run is an important day of the training week and I can’t afford to bonk mid-run due to rookie mistakes like improper fueling. So, I’ve been on the lookout for ways to get much-needed calories mid-run while not having to wear a fanny pack for 16 miles.

Enter the Simple Hydration Water Bottle. I discovered the Simple Hydration bottle while learning more about the Ohio running scene (as a frequent flier to Cleveland to visit a special someone, I’m trying to connect with Ohio-based runners, races, and running companies). The bottle, invented by Cincinnati-based runner and triathlete Brian Hock, is elegantly designed, and like its name, simple. It’s a 13 oz water bottle with a contoured shape that easily fits into the waistband of your running shorts.

I’m not a fan of carrying a water bottle while running – it just feels so foreign and it throws my balance out of whack. Similarly, I don’t like wearing a fuel belt around my waist – it feels like a bulky fanny pack. My sister likes to call me a “Picky Picky Princess” about this, but I’m truly not trying to whine. The reason is simple – I just want to run. Unencumbered, uninhibited. Simple, straightforward running. No gimmicks, just running. 

Which is why I was excited to try the Simple Hydration bottle. Brian was kind enough to send me some samples, so I gave the bottle a try on my first long run of the New Year. I filled the bottle up with 13 oz of fluid, tucked it in the back of my spandex, and gave it a try with some strides up and down my block.

At first, I could feel the water sloshing around while I ran, but after a few strides I grew accustomed to the feel. As I settled into the slow comfortable rhythm of my long run, I barely noticed the bottle.

It was an uncharacteristically warm day so mid-run I ditched my shirt in favor of just a sports bra. (The better to show off the bottle!) :-) 

I'm still learning how to take in fluids and calories mid-run without my stomach getting unhappy, but on this long run I was glad to have something to hydrate with as the sun bore down. Thankfully, my fluids were tucked right into the back of my shorts :) The sippy top on the Simple Hydration bottle made it easy to drink while running. No sloshing water or Gatorade in your face like you do when drinking out of a paper cup during a half marathon!

All in all, I was really pleased with the Simple Hydration bottle and will definitely be using it during my long runs through Golden Gate Park in SF, around the metroparks in Cleveland, or the levees of Davis. On days when I'm going over 90 minutes, you can bet on seeing the bottle tucked in the back of my shorts. Nothing in my hand, no fanny packs, just me running the trails :)